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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Man of the Moment: Mark Foster

Some men are just classic. Timeless. Forever and always in their 'prime.' Mark Foster is most definitely one of those men.
Two week or so ago, I posted this random post of this silver haired stud, not knowing who he is. Now thanks to a viewer of this blog, I know his name.
So apparently, one of the hottest man to ever walk this Earth is also one of the fastest men to ever swim through water.
At first, I wanted to place these photos in chronological order of youngest to oldest age, but time cannot measure the beauty of this man, so I ended up placing these pix in random order.


There's no need to think that hard, Mark. You are sexy from head to toe. It's a no brainer.


Anonymous said...

he cood be anderson cooper's brother...lol

Anonymous said...

Likey like!! Thank you! I wonder how many of the hot models in their 20's and 30's now will still look great in their 50's? Doubtful most will.

BTW - I think every gorgeous model show be required to do a thinking man shots.

JiEL said...

Age is only a number...

He proves it very well here.
I'm 60yo, a swimmer also and I'd love to have such a nice body.
My «husband»(boyfriend» is 34yo and he seems to appreciate my smooth hairless body.
He who was more attracted towards hairy gray haired oldies....Well he just felt in love at first sight when we met on March 29th 2009.....

Age is only a number..
AND TRUE LOVE as no limits..

Jetri Hasri said...

One of the better posts!