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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Face to Face

It's Easter, and in respect for this holy day, this blog will go conservative. Please enjoy these bright, fresh, and absolutely gorgeous faces. Thank Jesus for saving the world and allowing these beautiful men to grace the world.

Starting with a guy who took my breath away when I first saw him...

Aaron Tveit.

Paul V. Too damn perfect.

Thanks for the name. Asher Book.

Jake Gyllenhaal keeps getting sexier and sexier.

Sizzling. Brandon Beemer.

What a smile. Caleb Michaelson.

Adorkable. Mark Ricketson.

Brett Tucker. Two too hot hotties. Cory Drouillard.

Torben Karstens. Two piercing sets of eyes. Cobus Jonker.


BosGuy said...

They do give good face.

Happy Easter

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A definition of perfect would have Matt Bomer included to be legit

Hot Men Chart said...

Paul V reminds me of Jonathan Pease, the mentor of Australia's Next Top Model.

Anonymous said...

Oh Aaron how I love my Tveit! I will have to mop the floor again. Love just won't let me wait.

jdelaroz said...

very passionate profile , make me horny