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Saturday, April 9, 2011

can NOT wait!

What a dreamboat!


Anonymous said...

He showed off nice shoulders, chest, and butt in 'The Tudors'. I think he looked even better with his hair a bit shorter in season 1; later it's longer and wavier like here.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting my Kryptonite ready to subdue him and make him do naughty things.


Anonymous said...

I dont quite 'get' him and I assume they will straighten the perm?

JiEL said...

He has a certain «charm» but he seem not to fit in the image of SUPERMAN I'm thinking of.
As I saw EVERY Superman since the black and white movies, my judgement may be a bit.. distorsionned..
Superman has to be more «muscular».. LoL !!

Broderick said...

Why does superman have to be more muscular? The great Christopher Reeve really wasn't that muscular/toned.
Kirk Ayln wasn't either
And neither was George Reeves

The only time I really remember seeing a super muscular superman were in the cartoons/comics. I think Tom Welling is the "biggest" live action Superman? Not sure. Brandon Routh was kind of big as well. Dean Cain was the worst choice ever for Superman IMO.

http://bit.ly/cA0mdJ - I think Henry is fine.

Plus, the film is only in "pre-production". From my understanding that means they haven't quite started filming yet? He could bulk/could have bulked up a bit more.

If you look at Chris Evans for Captain America you can see he's bulked up a lot. Plus, they styled his hair nicely.
Completely different looking than in fantastic 4:

Movies (especially movies with super large budgets) have huge teams and access to people who can perfect an actor's "look" for whatever role. Trainers, hair stylists, costume designers, etc. Hell, they could just use a body double if they wanted to. Greg Plitt was Dr. Manhattan's body double for Watchmen.

I've also seen the argument that he doesn't look "Classic Middle America" enough or whatever. I don't think superman needs to since he's a freaking Alien. There isn't a Kansas on Krypton.

In my opinion he already has a pretty decent look for superman. Change the hair a bit and he's perfect.

/rant off, lol. Sorry.

Henry Cavill is gorgeous <3