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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two by Two: Donny Wright

With shorter hair, tanner body, hairier chest, Donny is still a bonafide hunk!


Anonymous said...

OMG ! The changes are impressive !

Anonymous said...

Nice improvement! I didn't find the previous pics hot, but these could turn me around...so to speak.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful friendly guy! Looks like the kind of office I'd like to work at.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is the same guy?! He's at least 3x as hot in these pix (OK, 5x)! I almost yawned at yesterday's set!
P.S. Anyone know how to safely clean a keyboard?

Simon said...

Seeing guy like him makes me want to scream like little girl while riding pony for the very first time in life ;) PS. I had a pony :)