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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chad White in Black and...Gray

From Wing (or is it Winq) magazine.

Here he is, climbing a fence.


Anonymous said...

Chad is gorgeous. Would love to see him with a full head of hair sometime.

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Leg-fan said...

Chad is one of my favourite models! He's amazing!

J Hasri said...

x2. He looks good.

JKoh said...

Not a good set IMHO, his body grooming seems a bit 'off'
and incomplete. PLUS, the thing on his head in that last pic ...

Anonymous said...

Chad's hair grew out. Not sure if he's keeping it, though. It is Wing, BTW. I have this issue. Sadly, Chad's about the only interesting thing in it.

Nick said...

well I can't complain about anything...heis just hot