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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homoerotic Christianity

Jesus loves everyone!


Kevin said...

I feel I am very open & don't like to stand between someone & their beliefs, but I wanted to say that I feel this is inappropriate.

I have found this blog to be one of my favorites for well over a year now, however, this makes me rethink that stance.

I'm all for 'expression', but I feel like doing so in good taste is a much better way to accomplish this.

Azart said...

Brrrrrr this is creepy! It's really a Christian portrait?


Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

I can't decided if the artist is pro-Christianity or anti.

I also can decided about the tools. Who will be nailing what?

Anonymous said...

This art piece is very much a Christian work and is supposed to represent the following: The man being held has the hammer and nail because that represents our sins being the cause for Christ to be hung on the cross, yet with the man also faltering under the weight of sin, Jesus is holding him up saying first that our sins can be forgiven but that Jesus is also our strength against them. It is a very powerful piece if you ask me.

However I do agree with the first comment, I am not sure the title for this post is appropriate. However, we are all entitled to our own opinions.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's not inappropriate. To suggest that any part of Christianity, including Jesus, cannot be interpreted or expressed in a homosexual light is nothing short of sexist. Get over your internalized heteronormativity, please!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

wow, i never meant to cause so much controversy. i just found this painting to have a kind of interesting subtext. was it the title that bothered some people?

honestly, i don't see how this is any better or worse than those photographers capturing those images of male models posing as crucified jesus

sorry if i offended some people

Anonymous said...

Anyone who was offended by this post needs to grow the fuck up

Azart said...

Not offended but very surprised about the pic! Thank you for the explanation of the portrait

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous that posted after my comment, give me a break. The title is what I did not care for as this is not an Erotic image at all. And yes I am entitled to MY opinion and even at that I merely was trying to explain what the image is supposed to represent. Please stop trying to use large words you do not understand just to try and make yourself sound intelligent. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my comment was a response to the first comment by Kevin, not your perfectly decent explanation. I guess I could have made that clearer.

- Anonymous poster #2, aka. Mrs. Large Words Trying To Sound Intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the first poster! He said it very well!

Jim Hlavac said...

I echo the comments here -- this is not "homoerotic." This could just as easily have been entitled: "Jesus rescues one of the Pink Sheep of the Flock of God." Or "A Samaritan to gay men too" Or "A Gay Man saved by The Son of God" Or even "The victim of gay bashing saved by Jesus." Oh there are so many good ways to present this art in a positive and non-sexual, and affirming way. And if I may be so bold, this post title can only serve to rile up people against us. Far better to point out that we are indeed worthy of saving -- physically and morally. And might I add, just two weeks ago I got a significant TEA Party website to let me guest post "And Jesus loves the gay children too." Which caused a stir enough. But then I see the poor word choice here. And at Christmas too, when I've been pointing out to a hell of a lot of people that all of us gay boys were under the Christmas tree at one point when only we knew we were gay -- long before we ever heard we were a threat to society and all that and that God did not like us. And there's still a whole bunch more there today, young gay boys, who could use some Judeo-Christian moral guidance to find prince charming and live happily after after. Merry Christmas. (And, sorry, but please think about changing the title of the post.)

Anonymous said...

I owe the Anonymous person an apology then for my last comment. I did in fact jump the gun when I wrote that and do feel bad.

I totally agree with Jim on this and in my life have also tried hard to show gay people that God does actually love them immensely and all the anti-Gay comments so many people tend to make are absolutely wrong. Jesus came to redeem all of us, not just a select few groups and that redemption includes Gay men and women.

Jim, your post comment was beautiful. Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone


Anonymous said...

That's hot.