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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leading Men Exposed

Correct me if I'm mistaken, I don't remember ever seeing so many movie posters featuring shirtless guys as I've seen this year. Maybe it's the progressive and liberal movement that is making such posters so hum-drum an issue. Maybe it's advertisers realizing that sex sells...Well, whatever it is, it's happening...and I LOVE IT!

Is it effective? Does having a hot shirtless actor on the poster make you want to see the movie more? Which of these movie do you want to see the most? Is it because of the poster, or a trailer? Or is it because of the actress?

Also, of the three actors (Josh Duhamel, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling), pick one to fuck, pick one to marry, and pick one to kill. I want to see FIVE responses before I tell you who I would choose.


Anonymous said...

Fuck: Ryan Gosling; Marry: Jake Gyllenhaal; Kill: Josh Duhamel (but only because we have to choose one)

Anonymous said...

Marry -Jake
Fuck -Ryan

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal - to fuck AND marry because I like at least SOME visible body hair on a man and he seems like a real sweetheart too.
Ryan Gosling - to kill (isn't this a bit harsh? lol).
Josh Duhamel - he's too pretty for my taste.. Nothing EXTRAordinary.. So I guess just to fuck. lol

Phunk Factor said...

Marry; Jake Gyllenhaal
F*ck; Josh Duhamel
Kill; Ryan Gosling - is it really that necessary?

Anonymous said...

Marry Jake, fuck josh just cause i see him more as eye candy than someone i'd wanna spend time with, which i guess means ryan is screwed :P

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Interesting descisions. Here's mine.

Marry Ryan cuz he left such an impression on me in the Notebook. (Hopefully, he doesn't get fat again)

Fuck Josh Duhamel a hundred times over because he's insanely hot.

Unfortunately, that leaves Jake to be offed. But yeah, I know, there's no justice in killing this guy...

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's funny how we would all marry Jakie, except you!! I vote for Jake as mah husband too, cuz I love his chest fur to keep me warm at night!!

Don't know what is going on in your life, Kenneth aka Sebastien, but I wish you well and will be happy to read any posts that you manage to make.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth: Your choices are the same as mine! Ryan has some intellectual heft as well as looks that will last as he ages. Josh is a pretty boy (and he knows it) but he's vapid. Jake is, IMHO, vastly over-rated; I've seen him in person and was underwhelmed, to say the least, and I've not been won over by his acting either.

As for your personal upheaval, I hope that all resolves itself the way you want and that you will soon be feeling the way you feel best.

goldeneyeuk said...

Fuck - Josh
Marry - Jake cause you get the benefits of sex too.
Kill - Ryan

Anonymous said...

"Does having a hot shirtless actor on the poster make you want to see the movie more?"
^ Depends on the actor. I may be more inclined to read the summary.

"Which of these movie do you want to see the most? Is it because of the poster, or a trailer? Or is it because of the actress?"
^ Love and Other Drugs. Trailer and both actress and actor.

I know the question was geared towards the guys but I like both.

Fuck: Josh/Katharine
Mary: Jake/Anne
Kill: Ryan/Kirsten

I'm a little torn between Josh and Jake though. They're both good looking and I have an infatuation with beard stubble.

I like some of the movies Ryan is in but I don't find him personally attractive. The only interesting thing about "All The Good Things" is the last few seconds where something may happen to Kirsten's character. Other than that, it looks boring.

nitrox11 said...

I'd drink Jake's bathwater. the other two can fuck each other to death for all I care. Does that count?

Jutin said...

Marry: Jake, he's "just right" and the kinda guy you bring home to mom

Fuck: Josh, it'd be hot as hell

Kill: wouldn't kill him, but don't want him, Ryan

Anonymous said...

Does your site have some sort of virus? Find the time to clean it! What are you going to do instead of blogging, if I may ask? You have very good tastes in general, but I definitely don't like this Entinghe guy!
Saluti from Italy!

Kevin said...

Marry Jake
Fuck Josh
Forget Ryan

Max said...

Fuck Josh Duhamel
Kill Jake Gyllenhaal
Marry Ryan Gosling

Anonymous said...

Fuck: Josh Duhamel

Marry: Jake Gyllenhaal

Kill: Ryan Gosling

Eric said...

I'd of course kill Josh, fuck Ryan and marry Jake.

Jake is more my type though, so I'm biased in not minding waking up to his face everyday.

And might I add, male skin on posters really do nothing for me in terms of making me want to see a movie or not.

Now if that skin happens to turn up in HQ still and/or a trailer, that's a whole 'nother story.

Anonymous said...

Kill Josh, fck & marry Matt Bomer!

Shalz said...

Oh emm gee, I'm completely opposite from some the comments so far :

Kill Jake

Fuck Ryan

and Marry Josh!


yagtaluda said...

I agree with Shalz. Guess we'll have to take turns with Ryan. :)