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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plaid Again

This guy is the same guy as the one pictured below in 12:01 AM post.
Why did I separate these pix in two different posts you ask?
Well, one...it draws in more traffic if my blog is updated more often.
Two, a more important reason...
These pictures of this guy, Adam Miller, are so gorgeous...
it's a crime to not spotlight them individually!

I'll give you a giant cookie if you can tell me when I last posted a pic of Adam Miller!!!!


goldeneyeuk said...

OMG he is, i mean, oh erm what can i say.

I need to go and sit in a darkened room, wow is all i can say.

Duba said...


Eric said...

This is about as perfect a shot as it gets.

The colors are phenomenal!...

...Oh, and of course the washboard set oddly placed in the center isn't all too bad in its own right ^_^

D.Lee said...

Looks so good that it makes me think 'photoshopped' -- but likely just a great bod and maybe a sharp razor. Lean lean look here much better than other beefier photo of him.