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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yay or Nay?

Yay or Nay is not asking whether you think Drew Pare is hot. It's a given: he is one of the most gorgeous man in this world!

The question is whether you think this man of unsurpassed beauty was used to his full potential by the 'creative' minds behind A&F.

First lapse in judgement: Not making him the Cover Boy. (Forgivable because Justin is a great guy too.)

Second lapse in judgement: Not giving him any more space. He appears only 7 times between the 176 pages. And many of which are group/small shots.

Third lapse in judgement: Putting the guy in an ill-fitting armor! Seriously, WTF?

Fourth lapse in judgement: Not including any colored pictures so we could see the brilliance of his blue eyes. (But it would've been the crime of the century if they made him cover them up completely with the helmet, or whatever)

Saving Grace: This beautiful shot of his side.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more that he is
the most beautiful man and also
that he was poorly used by
A&F. I didnt bother to print the
armor pics but the beautifully
boyish ones were lovely. The
video came through badly but
the stills made up for it.

Krytoh said...

I can see why you waited for the book. Nice guys, nice images. BUT, in the last picture where he's getting "measured" so to speak, he looks VERY hungry. SOMEONE GET THAT BOY A STEAK before he jumps the staff!

Anonymous said...

He is gorgeous beyond words and there's an innocent quality about him that's very attractive, but I agree with Krytoh - he looks famished. Are they starving the poor kid or what?! Anyway, seeing those penetrating blue eyes again would've been nice, but even in black and white he knocks me out. Thanks for giving us more pics of him.

Sjors21c said...

He's hot unless he's singing. Shouldn't lose his day job as a model and hunk for a singing career!

Corve DaCosta said...

very interesting

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

well, i made a post about his 'manorexia' before, read it if you want to know my opinion


Julian said...

he reminds me of a young rob lowe...especially in the last image. or am i crazy?

chaz said...

I agree he looks a bit like Rob Lowe. I thought his singing was totally adorable and his speaking voice is oh-so-sexy. His agents have obviously ordered him to slim down considerably because he has lost lots of weight from earlier photo shoots. I concur that it may be too much, particularly for his very large frame; I think he is about 6'4-5.

Jeffrey said...

He's undoubtedly pretty...and yes, perhaps too skinny for his own good. The armor shots are just plain dumb...and the last one, where he's getting his chest measured...he needs to uncover his junk! Let the world see it, Drew...the rest of you is pretty enough, we can take whatever you've got down there! ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! Keeping bringing us more Drew. This man is gorgeous (head to toe). I love his face, body, and feet! Just waiting for a full frontal from this hunk!