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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tomas in Review

Yepsiree, it's time to let Tomas go.

Hopefully, y'all enjoy the video.


Jeffrey said...

Love it! I'm sorry that this is the last of him. You could devote a whole month to him, and I'd be happy! :)

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

thanks for commenting these last two weeks jeffrey. i'm confident you'll see him again sometime next month

Anonymous said...

He is a very handsome and beautiful guy. I hope he returns soon! Thank you for featuring him.

Krytoh said...

I like the way Tomas looks healthy. He's not starved and destitute looking. That's such a turn off. I hope he keeps getting work that encourages the look of a healthy man.

Anonymous said...

Tomas has like the perfect body. I really don't like the muscled big chest, big arms look. He has beautiful facial features, nice hair and a gorgeous body.
PS, great job on the video, looks like there are some pictures you haven't shown.

Sjors21c said...

Delightful man. I prefer him with the chest hair, but a beauty either way!