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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Body of a Man: Front and Back Story

Tomas and Jared are talking one day when Tomas says, "I finally went to see the doctor for the pain I've been having in my back."

"So, what happened?" Jared asks.

"Well, first he ran a series of tests," Tomas explains. "Then he gave me some pills, told me to stay in bed for a week and sent me home. He also told me to sit down whenever I have to pee. Can you imagine that? A grown man having to sit to pee?"

"Did he say why he wants you to sit to pee?" Jared inquires.

"Well, with my bad back, he doesn't want me lifting anything heavy!" answers Tomas.

Here at Definition of a Man, we believe that the best part of the day is to enjoy a little humor alongside your boner. Thus, we present you another scorchin' edition of Front and Back.

These photos of Our Man of Two Weeks is by Doug Inglish.

Thanks for the ID. Allen Walker.

David Williams.

Bernardo Velasco.

Bookending, yet again, with Tomas Skoloudik.


Kc said...

Bernardo Velasco is sure hot. And David Williams makes me wanna play rugby!
What a selection!

The sixth guy is Allen Walker. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great concept...it may be difficult to obtain enough examples like this, showing, more or less, 360 degrees of an individual, but if you can do them once in a while, it would be wonderful!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

thanks kc for the ID.

anonymous, have you seen the previous front and back posts. if not, click on the label link the bottom of the page.

Anonymous said...

They're all beautiful men, but I have to agree with Kc that Bernardo Velasco is unbelievably HOT! There is something sensually masculine about him that just makes your mouth water. Wonderful photos!!

Joseph Post said...

Perhaps because the Velasco photos are black & white, or because the poses don't show his shoulders to advantage, I don't feel that he can match David Williams, a/k/a deltoid perfection. He's a little deprived in the chest hair department, but at least he hasn't gone and waxed himself prissy. In sum, the man is amazingly fit; a great inspiration. And all of the others in the set appear to take good care of themselves as well.

Anonymous said...

Caleb Halstead and Bernardo Velasco are gorgeous.