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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Being Lucky & Handsome

Every decade has its share of beautiful men. As much as I love this new millennium in terms of abundance of hot men...I absolutely adore the selection of hunks that the 90's had to offer. From the Baywatch series to men on Soaps allowed to be a little fury...it was a glorious time. The only problem was....it's sooooooo rare to find large HQ pix of those fabulous years!

Seeing photos of this guy every now and then, I think, "Wow, this guy is amazing....I wish I knew his name to find more photos of him!" It took a while, but finally, I know! Bless Superhero fan for familiarizing me with the 'body of work' of Lucky Vanous.
For the most part, I believe 'handsome' is the highest level of hotness a man can be. As you might know, my idea of 'handsome' is quite particular; I use it very sparingly. And as much as I want to call this guy 'handsome,' I'm afraid even that term isn't good enough to describe the magnitude of his beauty, and how much I am attracted to a man like him.

This guy ain't my definition of a man. He's my definition of a god!


butch said...

i love lucky. thanks for the posting.

dan skinner said...

I agree with the God remark!

raulito said...

That is so great...only the girls are totally unaware these guys are gay...lol

ejaz14357 said...

i love, thanks for the posting.

L said...

He's not gay.

Anonymous said...

What's become of Lucky?

Joseph Post said...

Extremely fine! I remember the Coke commercial that made him famous. Too bad you didn't have a complete shot of his lower extremities for your legs piece. Based on what we can see here, I'd vote for Lucky as the best in that dept. above any of the others.