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Friday, June 25, 2010

Definition of the Back


Anonymous said...

Nice back-

Kind of off-topic, but does this have interest to you:
A&F Quarterly is coming back, 176 pages and is only 10 bucks!

David said...

A lovely back! Whose is it?

Pieter said...

This image is made of two identical halves (with one being the mirror image of the other) hence the perfect symmetry. Is it the right or left side? Note the detail of his hair and you can notice the seam-line. In body-building terms this would be considered cheating. I want him sent to my room this evening and I shall punish him in a suitable and possibly pleasurable fashion.... Oh, and tell him to bring his other half so we can fix his photo. Disgraceful. He is going to cop it... hehehehehehe