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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fitness vs Fashion

It's kinda of mind-boggling what the modeling industry can ask a person to do in terms of their appearance. Mostly, we hear news about female models having to starve themselves, or even undergoing surgery to remove bones just to look slimmer. But it's even more shocking when we see this kind of transformation with male models.

Without a doubt, Drew looks slimmer in these pictures than when Frank Louis captured him less than a year ago. I'll let you guys debate below whether his weight loss is a good or bad thing. But here are some reasons (good ones and bad ones) why this transformation occurred.

1) The best reason for his new look is because HE and only HE wanted it, that this is his ideal body image. Or simply because his metabolism allows him to fluctuate easily from slim to well-muscled. *If this is the case, it doesn't mean that there's less of him to love. It just means that my love for him is more concentrated per cell*

2) A less good reason would be that the people in the business has pressured him into looking this way. Perhaps he's still trying to find a balance between the fitness and fashion world look. *Though my preference is him taking a fitness career...my main concern is seeing his career blossom, whichever way that goes for him*

3) The worst reason for his weight loss is that's he's sick. His energy intake is being used to combat the illness. *If this is the case, I hope he gets better and back in tip-top shape soon.*

If I had my bet, reason number 2 is the culprit. Since he's currently working in Europe, Drew's slimmer look definitely coincide with fashion in that part of the world. I'm hoping he gets back to the States soon (so that he could bulk up again, and so that material on his work would be easier to access).

*Here's an aside: Do you guys prefer me posting hot guys and shutting up. Or do you actually care to read my two-cents?*


Phunk Factor said...

No No...i LOVE reading ur writing!! It's funny....more love concentrated per cell...lol, who thinks tht way?!


Anonymous said...

i read your two cents! it gives more life to the postings.

raulito said...

What you say is so true...don't we get tired of all these anorexic models?
But one thing also that deserves our attention is this fad of being smooth...guys are waxing, shaving and even getting laser treatments to remove what otherwise could be very attractive and masculine. After all, who wants to go to bed with a female-like young boy? not me...I like macho men with hair and muscles and I like them to smell like men, not petunias.

Anonymous said...

I like reading what you have to say. It makes the site more well rounded.

Sorella Jean Claude said...

I find him better now, despite usually I like muscled guys.

tenthredemption said...

i totally read your $0.02 so keep writin'!

Sassy Sal said...

I appreciate your comments and I concur with your second theory. It's too bad, because he's an athlete. Thus, he should look like one. But, he always looks delicious. Thanks for keeping this blog going, it's a great way to start my day!

Anonymous said...

You have good taste in men, and good things to say! I love it.

Anonymous said...

I like reading your 2¢. But I think he looks better now. Really don't like the muscled boys, more into the average to toned guys.

Anonymous said...

Like reading your comments.
It would be a shame if his lean-ness has been imposed on him, though I do like this thinner and less muscular look on him. It does diminish his masculinity/attractiveness if something as basic as his own body is something that others (not himself) controls.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

I like reading your two cents and the pics you post. Although, I don't comment I am a regular reader :)

L. Millena said...

Yeah, I think he actually looks better in these photos. I'm not a fan of big muscles either. He still looks like he has bulk to him and not just cling wrap skin around bones so while he's clearly skinnier he doesn't look unhealthy.

Also, better hair in these.

SuperchilledTrevor said...

Do you think if he flexed his muscles he'd have the look of the former photos? It looks like he is deliberately relaxed in these photos, but the muscle definition, or definition of a man , if you like, is still quite present.

And yes I too prefer to have your thoughts penned to your blog. Life is in thought after all.

Anonymous said...

Made to starve himself and reshape his body/looks by another mans order ... ... Is Drew Pare slave boy or boy-toy or a model boy?