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Monday, May 31, 2010

End of May

Well, as this month comes to a close, so too do we have to say goodbye to the finest piece of ass in the world. Thanks Drew Pare for the the hottest May in Definition of a Man history.

High five!

Behind five!


Jimmy said...

*fans self* That's a hot ass!

Torontonian said...

He's handsome and the photographer
has done well with the use of light and shadow.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thank you very much for this hot image. I saw this picture in the video and I was hoping we were gonna get the still.

Now I need to find an ass like that.


Anonymous said...

This photograph makes me wish I standing outside his window looking in. I also wish I could bite that ass...
So long Drew. We all hope to see more of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. He's a very handsome guy, but his backside is not one of his chief assets. If not for the arch in his back and the position of his legs, he'd have no ass at all.

Maurice said...

He'll do!!!

Anonymous said...

he's got a big arse !