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Monday, April 26, 2010

Everlasting Memories of Ambrose Olson

I don't know how to start this heartbreaking post. I'm in total shock to learn that Ambrose Olson has passed away on Thursday.

Ambrose is a 'veteran' to Definition of a Man...having first been featured just a month into the inauguration of this blog...accumulating more than 18 posts over the years. I can truly say Ambrose is one of my favorite models I've ever had the privilege to feature; in fact, I've even claimed him to be my favorite Man of the Week ever. Of all the many splendid photographs Ambrose has graced, one image in my opinion was the best of the best. All of this is not to brag, but rather, just to illustrate how important he was to the creativity of this blog.

I've never been really sad to hear the death of any celebrity in the same way as I feel about receiving this tragic news. But I also realize my devastation is minuscule to what his family and friends are going through. So my thoughts and prayers are for them.

This is Ambrose's last campaign. A classic by which we can remember him.


This is the first post I've ever done to acknowledge the loss of a male model. Hopefully, this is also the last I'll ever have to do.
He is only 2 years older than I am.


Ratana said...

My condolences...it's always heartbreaking for such a loss...

Anonymous said...

Such sad news! But what a beauty he was -- one of my favorites, too.

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Anonymous said...


Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

i don't know for sure. so i won't speculate. since it's pretty recent news, i think you'll have to follow the story elsewhere

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Anonymous said...

So young and hot wonder what happened, so sad shocking.

Eric said...

It's been said that apparently he took his own life.

Now that's tragic :( ... absolutely so.

Anonymous said...

That's just sad! My condolences to all of his family and close friends.

Max said...

Very sad.

Kenneth, please delete that distasteful last comment @ 5:23