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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two by Two: TJ Hoban

Chippendale Model. His profile here.


Leg-fan said...

First picture - amazing biceps! What a sexy pose!

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories. I used to lose it looking at hot pix of him in International Male catalogs when I was a teenager. Amazing body!

Galdio said...

Yai for the first picture! He seems to be enjoying himself pretty much ;-D

chaz said...

Yep, as the Anon poster indicated above ^, I would hate to guess how much "liquid protein" I have lost to his images over the years...it would probably fill a bathtub! lol. Thanks for posting these, I had almost forgotten how insanely hot he was.

raulito said...

can you repeat after me...ripped?
those are amazing well defined muscles.
love your blog

Anonymous said...

Matt 'The Jet' Schaefer. He was a gorgeous guy. To bad he lost the battle against cancer last year, he died january 7th 2009. He was only 38.

RedCedar said...

No, this is Matt Schaefer (yet another insanely hot dude).