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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ManScan: Gregg Avedon

This is Men's Health most cover-gracing model. Health guru & nutrition expert & total hunk!


Can't be certain if the picture below is him though...what do you think?


chaz said...

I wonder if he will still be smokin hot when he's 100 years old. He has been around for so long and he is so fine I can't stand it. I remember being in the grocery line once and he was on the cover of one of the fitness mags near the register. I was so hard by the time I checked out that I had to carry the bag in front of my crotch to get out of the store. LOL

Anonymous said...

ITA that Gregg has always been a hottie! My favorite are the Herb Ritts photos when he was naked with other hotties. He's one athletic hunk that inspires many people.