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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Man of the Day: Marc Oliver

First off, I love handsome men (well duh!). Second off, I love guys with two first names. Third off, I love Marc spelled with a C. So put all that together, Marc Oliver is such a lovable man!

If you ask me to choose between a random young hot stud, or an equally hot but more mature and experienced man...well, I'm gonna have to go with a man like Marc!






Galdio said...

Gorgeous! He has that look on him that screams "Perfect Husband"!

(and I noticed that two and a half of your motives to choose him as lovable didn't depend on him at all lol).

Phunk Factor said...

OMG!! Even I love Marc that ends with a C!! N i love guys with tht slightly unkempt facial hair!!

John Williams said...

Why the shaved chest in the top photos? He looks much better in the last few, au naturel.

Chris said...

wow... great eyes and smile.

Eric said...

He looks like he could be an actor.

And of course, I'll always be a sucker for beach wear :)