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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guess that Bod!

Who is this, you ask? Well, I know! But before I reveal him, you'll have to guess!

Here are some hints!
1) He's been featured in this blog before!
2) He was a Survivor contestant.
3) He wants to be an Amazing Race contestant.

Half the fun is in the guessing (and knowing you guys actually care to know),
so I will wait for 10 comments before I reveal his identity!


Ratana said...

I think I'd go with Stuart Mann :P.

Anonymous said...

John Kenney

Nituru said...

John Kenney

J-Wo said...

John Kenney! Didn't you already give it away with your link to when he's been on the blog before?

Corve said...

i duno

Anonymous said...

He looks like Max Zagorski.
But as a Survivor fan, I did not recognize him as a contestant ever.
Has anybody else on the list fit into your description?

Anonymous said...

According to the hint you gave my guess is John Kenney.

Matt. K. said...

John Kenney!

Marc said...

I don't watch "Survivor," so that clue doesn't help me any. But in comparing your posted photo with others I have of John Kenney...and in looking very closely at his navel and lovely trail...I will also side with those who declare your pic to be that of the delectable John!

And I DO watch "Amazing Race," so he's welcome to join that adventure any time...I'd GLADLY be his partner!!

Anonymous said...

this amazing body looks like john kenneys