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Monday, March 15, 2010

Definition of the Male Body

Rippling abs. Powerful chest. Herculian arms. Tectonic backside. Adonis legs.
Josh Morehouse is still the hottest exercise equipment model on television!

Josh Morehouse is Grade A Prime Beef. My Definition of a Man!


Anonymous said...

You have to sort out your pictures, man, we can't see them!!!!!
All we can see is little red crosses in the top left corner of each picture.

Jimmy said...

Oohhh a name for the man I only watch TV for! He is quite the built man.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

sorry anonymous. it seems like other peeps can see the pictures. perhaps you have too high a firewall setting, or something. are you viewing it on internet explorer, or firefox?

yagtaluda said...

That is one of the hottest pieces of exercise equipment I've ever seen. Oh, and the Bowflex looks nice too. :) Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

No firewall, but it looks like all the images on xa.yimg.com cannot be accessed from this PC. It isn't my IE settings, I can't see any issue there, compared to the other other computer. According to windows xa.yimg.com does not exist in DNS.

TIM said...

Michelangelo's David, time to retire! Josh Morehouse should be
on any museum's pedestal. He is
a work of art.

Eric said...

I don't have a problem seeing the pictures, they're coming out just fine.

And btw, brilliant idea for a post ^_^

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of working for him at a gym (he was the personal trainer manager) a few years ago. He is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside: very humble despite his super good looks and being a model, very down-to-earth and an all around nice guy. The only complaint is that when he tried to get me to go out of my way to do him favors he would fake-flirt with me (he's def straight, and enganged) and rub my shoulders and back. Torture! Heh.