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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Body of a Man: Front and Back for more

You might say having so many of these front and back series is a sign of lack of creativity, but I'll argue that it's just awesome to view hot guys at every angle, to take in all the glory that makes them so appealing!

So let us start off with one of the most appealing men in the world Tyler Lough.

Matt Loewen, sans tattoo!

Nicholas Lemons has a gift.


Phunk Factor said...

Jamie Roche, Matt Loewen and Jeff Tomsik are freak'in brilliant!!


Duba said...

love the Front and Back in this blog :) thanks

Anonymous said...

Matt Lowwen without the tattoo? How did he manage to do that?

Anonymous said...

A great collection, but I just keep thinking: if Tyler Lough's gorgeous behind can look that bad in those trunks, I'd better not buy any for myself!

Michael Novotny said...

Fantastic series!! Loving the guy's looks. The final pic is beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

I just love Jamie Roche's look; smouldering!