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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Phototropic Zygomycete

Sharing its name with a sun-loving fungus that can throw its spores 80 feet out, Pilolobus is a dance troupe conceptualized by three Darthmouth jocks who wanted to take a dance class for an easy A. Not into 'dance' themselves, the jocks made it their goal to butch it up by incorporating movement with physics and biology. Now, the dance these three young men created has become a world renowned symbol of amazingly creative athleticism, recruiting real 'dancers' with incredible agility and showmanship.

I was lucky enough to sit on the second row, center orchestra, to view the touring company's dancers up-close and personal. All the performers were excellent, but of course, I had my eyes glued to some of the male dancers...especially, Chris...the guy in the first two photos.

Chances are, you've probably seen this troupe as dancing shadows behind a white screen, featured on some talk-show acts...as well as a recent Academy Award Show.

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