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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joe by MCS

Last name? I dunno!

But from the looks of it, this photogenic boy-next-door aint your average Joe.

Lovely cute face, beautiful body from head to toe, golden to perfection by Floridean rays.

Photography by MCS.


Eric said...

Lol, he looks more like the boy next dorm to me (I wish).

I don't know about the whole bit with the floridian rays tanning him though... are you sure it's not the other way around? Cause he looks radiating :)

goldeneyeuk said...

I've seen this guy before, and he is a total stunner.
Very very sexy.

Jeffrey said...

He can take my last name! ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw him on cam guys and he goes by the name Kai as well

Anonymous said...

I have it as Joe Bragg

Anonymous said...

He was also featured at Corbin Fisher.

Anonymous said...

he's tyler from corbin fisher guys

Anonymous said...

Tattoos make him instantly a loser....unattractive and pathetic