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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Isla Bonita

Let's get the acknowledgment out of the way.
Magazine: Out. Issue: February 2010. Marvelous photography by Greg Lotus.

One of the models, Corey Saucier, is a recent favorite of this blog.

The other hottie is Danny Schwarz, and I'm really really likin' him!

Looks like we're stuck between a rock and two hard bodies!

If this were a real island, I'd volunteer to get LOST here!

Also, thanks Krytoh for you know what!


Duba said...

AMAZING scans! what a great fresh look to open this weekend!

DannyH said...

i LOVE danny schwartz! thanks for putting such great photos of him!

Anonymous said...

I love Danny Schwarz. He's my favorite model!!