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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Corbin Fisher's Valentines

Tonight, hope you have a date whose dreamier than these Corbin fantasies.

And even if you're just gonna be by yourself, at least do something productive...like studying for a test...like me!


Galdio said...

Call me strange, but I prefer their non-sexual images (like these you've upload) than the rest.

They've got a great taste for models! (Even though I've always wondered what's of them when they grow older) lol

Eric said...

You're definitely not strange nor alone on that one. I prefer these images (and the kissing ones as well) compared to the more hardcore ones.

As for what's to become of them when they get older... Well, let's just hope for their sakes they never choose to go into politics ^_^

goldeneyeuk said...

Got to love CF, Dru is my favourite just now, although i do have a thing for TJ.