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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nature of Man

This oh-so-pretty man is Mark Herrema, and believe it or not, he has a long history with this blog. When I first discovered him way back in 2007, when the blog was a little more than one month old, I featured him in an open-shirt hotness post, praising him as 'quite possibly the CUTEST face I've ever seen!

Now, more than 2 years later, after featuring so many 'favorite models,' I stand firm at my initial opinion. This guy is outstandingly PURTY! And it's not just his beautiful eyes, and amazing pair of succulent lips, it's also his body, the sparse patches of fur on his chest and treasure trail decorating his beautiful glowing golden skin, underlined wonderfully by toned muscles. Am I being too over-the-top in describing him? Nope! This man is FLAWLESS.


Galdio said...

Effort appreciated, since I do agree he might be one of the most perfect men on this blog!

No need for me to list all his virtues since you poetically did so very well.

Gog bless(ed) Mark Herrema!

chaz said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful HQ images of Mark; truly stunning. His chest, close-up, reminds me of Joseph Sayers, another example of over the top hotness.

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful. Perfect muscle tone and chest hair. Love the first picture.

Mike said...

I would agree this is one of the most exceptional men you've posted!

He has a beautiful face: seductive lips, great hair, masculine bone structure and perfect skin.

Perfection doesn't end there. It moves onto his neck, chest abs...I'm sure that what lies beneath those shorts is divine.

Anonymous said...
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