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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Man of the Weekend: Graden Harrison

Incredible brilliant smile, unbelievably gorgeous eyes, beautifully perfect lips, great hair...this guy has it all in the face department! And unlike many models, he has an amazing array of expressions that makes him so perfect for wide variety of careers in the modeling industry.

There are guys who take my breath away, guys who make my heart flutter, some who make my blood rush, others who get me all hot and bothered, and still others who make me giddy with uncontrolled joy...

Then there are guys like Graden Harrison who manages to do all these things, and leaves me speechless at the end.

So captivating, even before he takes off his shirt! Now that's my definition of a man!
Let's jump for joy as there will be more Graden (shirtless) tomorrow!


David said...

Another guy with a great smile. I just melt when I see it. (The smile that is - lol) Graden is a keeper!

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Kc said...

Gosh! What with that smile? Just... perfect! lol
Love guys with a killer smile!

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