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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grade A Harrison

When you see a hot, but conservatively dressed guy, of course it's natural to imagine what he looks like shirtless! Sometimes, the real thing is exactly how you imagined. Other times, he's a lot bigger or skinnier, or he has more or less hair than you expected...

I'd be lying if I said Graden's body is perfect. It's actually more towards the skinny side. But just like David Entinghe's, his slender, toned body suits his face perfectly...and that's what really counts!

In all honesty, his body is EXACTLY like mine. And it's this relatability that makes him that much more attractive to me!

But God-dang, he's still 2000% more of a hot piece of mancake than I will ever be!

Face 9. Body 7. Boyfriendliness Perfect 10!!!


Mike said...

You said he has a body like yours. I think it's pretty hot. Have you ever posted yourself here?

Jeffrey said...

Indeed...if your body is like his, I'm yours! ;)

jahhy said...

Very, very hot!!!



Rexswimguy@aol.com said...

I hear that you had a birthday this past week, so I wanted to wish you a good one. I'm a regular visitor here and appreciate very much all your great work!

Anonymous said...

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