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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Body of a Man: Arms of Glory

Arms! Who doesn't love them? Who doesn't love having a strong, warm pair wrapped around them on a cold, wintry night? Who doesn't love to be embraced and felt like the most special person in the world? And who doesn't love to use our own pair to embrace the man we love?

So let's snuggle (through your imagination) under the arms of these fine gentlemen!

Including the arms of our lovely Man of the Week.


Don't know the name of this model, photography by Brian Kaminski.


chaz said...

Not positive, but the last looks like perhaps Adam Gregory, now actor but formerly a model.

Rex said...

Still looking good. Great post!

Galdio said...

Amen to all the speech! Arms are very important part in a man's anatomy. that's why I love sleeveless shirts so much, if the guy's got arms like Eduardo Tesch, he'll look great on them.

Good choice!

bye said...

can you please delete your link to "just beautiful men"! that blog is done with, and its about time other blogs have a chance at glory!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

um, i keep in contact with eric, and he's helping a friend write a script so he's busy. doesn't mean he's giving up on the blog

Rex said...

I enjoy "Just Beautiful" and the last post was not that awfully long ago. Glad "aka" looked into it!

Anonymous said...

The last guy is Adam Gregory