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Friday, January 1, 2010

Abercrombie Greeters

Happy New Year (and decade)!

Not all Abercrombie greeters are created equal, but hell, I wouldn't mind taking any of them to bed. So take a good look at these guys and vote for your favorite!

Best Hair goes to the guy in the red coat.
Best Arms goes to the guy who looks better in this photo.

Best Body overall goes to the chapped lip guy. Cutest Asian goes to the cute asian guy.

Best Abs goes to Calvin Klein undies guy. Best Smile goes to that adorably smiley guy.
Best Cute Face goes to the In-store guy. Best eyebrows goes to the shiny bald guy.

Best Handsome Face goes to guy with the toy. Best Nipples goes to the B&W pic guy.

Agree, or disagree...lots of comments encouraged! And also vote...


jahhy said...

A Happy New Year 2010!!

My best wishes for u!!!



Krytoh said...

I wish the A&Fs in Utah did this. :(

Galdio said...

Happy 2010!!

Nice to start it with a selected group of shirtless A&F models!

It's difficult to choose, though! I'd also take them all home and under he tree. Yet, I guess the last one is my favorite, I wonder if the b/w has anything to do.

(Second place to the red riding hood in the first picture. Just Wow!)

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RoYbOY said...

A belated Happy New Year to one and all!! Great abercrombie greeters. There is a reason I don't shop the mall and that store. With men like those guy all around and on the walls, I would never leave the place. Hey for me it was a toss up between the guy with the red coat and the grab onto hair OR the one that does look better in the other picture (to bad that's not me standin with him). In the end I went with the best arms, and the fact that he's a short guy. I ALWAYS go for the HOT short guys.

Rex said...

what a great post