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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year-in-Revew of 2009

Well, can you believe it folks? This decade is almost over (though some purists might say that 2011 is the actual start of the new decade.) It hasn't been a great beginning to the millennium, to say the least, with 9/11/2001 and the never-ending-wars and economic recession, but for the last few years, I am very thankful to have discovered my favorite pastime: blogging. So let's take a quick rundown of all the noteworthy posts Definition of a Man had to offer this year!

Started off the the year of 2009 by listing some hot guys name "Chad." My favorite being...Chad Pinther, of course!

We also began a series of Fully-Clothed Guys, celebrating the hotness of guys even before they take off their shirts! The catalyst for this was...Brandon Stoughton.

After making you guys suffer two weeks of NON-shirtlessness, a shirtless bonanza post was published as reward!

In February, Chris Austad was Man of Two Weeks!

In March, Scott McGregor was Man of the Week. I also explained my thoughts on the disturbing Face-Body Mismatch Syndrome that some models have.

In April, Hugh Feist was Man of the Week.

May didn't have any major men or themes. However, some notable guys include Toby Barnett, Luke Hahle, and Chris Pine. Also, towards the end, we started the sporadic Two by Two series.

June did not offer any connecting theme, but some fine guys who were featured include Tyson Paige, Travis Davenport. I also asked why couldn't Father's Day be everyday?

In July, a weekend of Luke Guldan just WOWed everyone. Ellis McCreadie went from being a great favorite to being officially named Man of the Week.

In August, I obsessed over legs...

And tighty whiteys...

And then I began the KISS OF DEATH that almost spelled the end for this blog.

To honor the death of the original blog and resurrection to this new address, I will end this post and continue it on New Year's Eve.


glen0330 said...

Nice way to end this god forsaken year. A bright side. Will be looking forward to spending a few minutes each day with your blog.

David said...

You have given us great pictures of guys again this year Kenneth. Make our year happy by continuing on. David

BI LIKE ME said...

Did that Corbin Fisher pic really end your original blog? Was it on blogspot? How did you end up keeping it?

Anonymous said...

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