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Friday, December 4, 2009

Strip Down David Entinghe

Remember when David appeared in the Total-Body Sex issue of Cosmopolitan last year? The images generated a lot of downloads, and for the next 12 Cosmo issues, I hadn't seen a hotter spread!

Well, Christmas came early once again, and amazingly, David managed to outdo himself! With not 1, or 2, but FOUR sizzling tips to get him down to his birthday suit!

YES! It took time and money to make this post possible, so I want credit if you use these images!!!


David said...

Is this the december issue?

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

No, it's the January 2010 issue. It's really weird how Cosmo and other magazines dates their issues one month ahead.

Anonymous said...

David is the man of my dreans...god how I worship him!

Krytoh said...

Very nice!

Puckery Patch said...

Boxer briefs though? Come on, this man is hot, he needs a sexy pair of briefs!