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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shane is one bad ass mo fo

I'm a sucker for bad boys. There's a danger, excitement, and thrill that comes with being in proximity to such an unpredictable, maverick, no-rules guy!

Macho, narcissitic, knows-he's-hot-and-how-to-flaunt-it, Shane is a heart-breaker, soul-shaker. I know that he is trouble, but I can't resist!

Irresistably seductive photography by MCS.


JSH said...

Shane can also be found on the gay-for-pay porn site ChaosMen.com under the name "Mattox" Which is ironic since his ModelMayhem page says he doesn't want to do porn/nudes. Guess that was a one-time thing. Oh well, great shots.

Jimmy said...

I'm really enjoying all your posts with some fuzz lately! Hmm hmm hmm hmm!

josefie said...

well, maybe shane had reviewed the offer. :D he really has a gorgeous body. :D