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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sexiest Men Alive

It was always a wonder to me why Johnny Depp keeps getting on the list of most attractive men. Sure, he's amazingly talented and looked decent in his youth, but that guy is simply not pretty. So yeah, the weirdos behind People Magazine have definitely gone bunkers when they named him Sexiest Man Alive.

Neverthless, you can't judge a magazine by its cover. There are some downright hotties between the front and back that definitely deserves the title more than him.

Matthew Bomer. Hotness 9; Fame 5 (should be higher).

Chace Crawford. Hotness 8; Fame 7.

Ryan Reynolds (Hotness 10, Fame 9). James Marsden (Hotness 8, Fame 9)

Gilles Marini. Hotness 9. Fame 7.

Eddie Cibrian (Hotness 9, Fame 7). Justin Bartha (Hotness 8, Fame 6)

There were tons of guys in the issue, but obviously, I'm only showcasing a select few. If you like an even bigger scan of any of the images above, or some of the men I didn't feature, please leave your name and email address; include the top 3 guys you want; and the reason you want them (as a screensaver/wallpaper for computer or iPhone, or just to 'own' it, or for self-pleasuring material, or to share on other blogs?) First five commentors guaranteed to get them.


Kc said...

Ryan Reynolds is always a 10/10 for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog, luckily you are up-to-speed again...
My top three? Gilles Marini, RyanReynolds & chace Crawford. I just "want to own them."

Ben said...

Hey...My top three would be Matt Bober, Chace Crawford, and James Marsden. And the reason is for my computer's wallpapers. These three guys are just soooo charmingly good-looking ^^! (Name: Ratana; address: bendy_roddick@hotmail.com)

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

redhead56, you didn't follow all the rules. i don't need your name, but i do need an email addy.

just so you guys know, there is a linked text 'ton of guys' that has a list of many of the guys i didn't upload

Bryan said...

Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Scott Speedman (even though he's not on the list) but the last will be the diesel ad

Thanks for the awesome posts.


nicksf94110 said...

Ryan Reynolds, Matt Bomer & Eddie Cibrian get my votes from this list BUT where is James Franco?
Ooops - I think someone missed this guy.


Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

You guys are right. James Franco and Scott Speedman sooo should be on the list.

But so far, I've only been able to send Ben/Ratana his pics, because the rest of you guys haven't followed all my instructions.

1) your name
2) your email address
3) your top 3 guys
4) the reason you want these images

Anonymous said...

Hate Ryan Rynolds. Not hot at all. Very ugly guy. I vote for Chace Crawford

Bryan said...

It will definitely be for self-pleasuring. ;)


Anonymous said...

Something interesting about Matt Bomer: http://www.queerty.com/why-is-white-collars-matthew-bomers-sexuality-such-a-secret-20091031/

Anonymous said...


Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

hate to be a pain, but what's your name, redhead56? you can tell me a fake name, but i still want a name

Puckery Patch said...

Somehow People Magazine left out Paul Walker, which is unacceptable if it's an issue about the Sexiest Men Alive.