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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Which is the real Thanksgiving?

Two very different depictions of the same historical event. Which do you believe really occurred on hat fateful first Thanksgiving?

The textbook stories we hear as a child of the peaceful exchange of custom, ideas, foods, and crafts, and the celebration that honors this wonderful exchange of culture, and the survival of the pilgrims through a harsh winter...

Or what actually happened was some ugly struggle between pilgrims and 'Indians'?

Hmm, based on hair color and skin tone...it seems to me the guy on the stake is Caucasian and the guy stirring the cauldron is the Native American...but their clothes contradicts that. Can anybody explain the meaning behind it?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a revenge-based fantasy on the part of the Native, putting himself and "the White Man" in each others' proverbial "shoes". I can't help noticing the Native/Pilgrim has an Ace of Spades stuck in the band of his hat. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hard to say but there is a certain kinkiness to the scene. The look of evil glee at the plight of the hapless blonde native suggests this. And the condemned native is hot for a cartoon character. He has a damn fine set of nipples exposed to his torturer.