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Friday, November 13, 2009

Two by Two: Matthew Gentile

Love his lips. Sensuous photography by Andy Hurvitz.


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Nicky said...

Wow, nice ass! Nice chest, too.
Did you have another post on this guy? I want to see more.

Anonymous said...

This blog is heavenly.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Sorry All Program. Your blog does not interest me.

Nicky, I've featured a picture of him taken by Tom Cullis before. But you can easily find more stuff on him via google.

Mrs. P, awwww, thanks. You made me blush.

Anonymous said...

Nicky's bang on. This man is truly gorgeous. Lovely face, nice smile, a chest that you want to run your hands over and an arse made in heaven. I dream of waking up next to him in bed. Please, please post more, preferably naked, full-frontal, dick and balls, thighs and legs - I bet they are gr8.

Anonymous said...

This man is beautiful and he has massive nipples--the size almost any chick would love to have herself!