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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Real Deal McNeil

3 out of 4 of you voted "YES" this man below really, or very likely, is Logan McNeil.

The verdict is in! And you were right! Sources have confirmed the theory that you all were very astute to have discerned. This all-too-gorgeous man is one and the same.

Logan McNeil is unreal, surreal, and for reals! He's the rizzle dizzle!

The fact remains that this uncannily gifted model is not being used to his full potential. All photographers, magazine editors, and advertisers out there who've stumbled upon this blog...heed my advice: This man will boost your sells and burn up your editorial! He's just that hot!


borg_queen said...

I see some Drew Van Acker in the mouth/jaw area. Especially when he shows his teeth sideways.

Anonymous said...

Where's your recent post on John Kenney?

confessionsofabadboy said...

Hey I'm glad your back. I noticed your blog went down for quite sometime what happened?

Krytoh said...

Well, I'm sold on him!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

borg_queen, i kinda see some drew van acker too

anonymous, be patient

confessionofabadboy, the blog used to be at the url http://defineaman.blogspot.com . immediately after it was blocked, i moved it to this address. so there's actually been two months of material you've missed

sorry krytoh, he ain't for sale

D.S! said...

Dude your blog is more than perfect!! please never quite it!!!