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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Man of the Weekend: Steven LeSage

What an incredible cutie! Steven LeSage is the ultimate pin-up for the adorable boy-next-door! That utterly infectious smile is so the cherry on top/icing on the cake that is his beautiful face!

If his face were a delightful desert, his body is the main course, a perfect balance of leanness and musculature, delicious and delectable from head to toe. *licks drool from corner of mouth*

Sorry about the food metaphors *I'm a bit hungry* His profile here.
Most of these images are captured by MCS photography.

Even more of him tomorrow! *can NOT wait*


David said...

What a body -- what a smile! I'm on my way to NY, NY! I cannot wait either Kenneth! Oh, why has the goddess blessed us with such beauty in the world? :-)

Krytoh said...

Thanks for introducing me to MCS Photography. :)

Dude Flesh said...

Yummo! Great find.

Duba said...

what a cute smile :)