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Thursday, October 29, 2009

State of a Man: Ohio

If I should ever find a reason to move out of my homestate and restart a new life, I have one place in mind to find my Mister Right: OHIO!

The MidWest is notoriously known for breeding some of the most outstandingly gorgeous guys in this country...men whose charm and wholesome good looks are always in demand by modeling industry's bigwigs. But I declare, no other state produces them out like Ohio.

Matt Smith, one of Cosmopolitan's Bachelors for 2009, is the latest super-fantastic example from the genetically blessed state. It doesn't get any better than this driven, glasses-wearing, family-orientated, 3rd-grade teacher, who possesses a natural version of Batman's body armor.

Catch glimpses of him in these next few videos.

Although Matt is Number one on many 10-Ten Countdowns, Cosmopolitan's fickle finances has prevented him from being awarded and officially number the Bachelor of the Year, but you can definitely show your support by voting for him over at photo wars poll.

The the gorgeous bachelor who did win in 2007 was Brian Watkins.

And thanks Adam Raphael for working with him and promoting this beautiful guy.

My favorite bachelor to have ever come out of Ohio?
None other than the most gorgeous man in the world! David Entinghe.

A man who woefully has never been picked for bachelor (nor has he ever appeared in Cosmopolitan, that I know of), but none-the-less one of the most beautiful men to walk the Earth!
Tyler Lough!

Know another Ohioan hunk who deserves a spotlight? Inform me and I might consider adding him!


borg_queen said...

Isn't Jeremy Mulkey from Ohio? He's actually better looking than most of them. The trouble is his body's quite big.

David said...

Jeremy Mulkey was All-Ohio champion in the 200 meter dash and runner-up in the 100 meter dash. So I guess he is from Ohio. http://jeremymulkey.tripod.com/

Jason said...

I'm sorry, but I desagree of you Kenneth. Evidently, the men from Ohio are pretty beautiful, but, in my opinion, I think men from pennsylvania are the most gorgeous in our country. Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, California, Texas are all places blessed of beautiful men, But Pennsylvania is "THE PLACE".

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Jeremy mulkey is not a bad addition to the group. but can anybody explain this? http://www.modelmayhem.com/pic.php?pic_id=4873aba20a14e&date=2008-07-08%2014:02:11&id=758443&pid=7460144&the_count=3&group_id=&ua=

I intend on making this part of a series...I'm going state by state and selecting my own batch of bachelors. Not sure, when or if I would ever complete it, but I'll definitely check into Pennsylvania.

David said...

Don't forget to look north Kenneth. We have some pretty awesome looking guys from Canada. For instance check out Alexandre Despatie, Andrew Walker, Anthony Sandstrom and Gabriel Aubry to name a few. :-)

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

My favorite model, Brett Hollands, as well as my favorite soap hunk, Cameron Mathison, are also from Canada. So yeah, I've got love for the fine men North of here.

Anonymous said...

Brady Quinn is from Ohio, right?

Eric said...

Brilliant idea for a series...

I'm looking forward to some of the ultra hot states (i.e. Texas, Florida, California :)

Good luck with New Jersey though... Lol ^_^

Anonymous said...

Tyler puts the ohs in Ohio alright. Oh Tyler!