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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Say Cheese!

One of the greatest travesties in the modeling industry is that models are often advised to shield their mega-watt smile behind a bland look of indifference. Often it's more professional to look grumpy and pissed off than to bare teeth and grin. If I were a photographer, I'd shoot two smiles for every non-smile!

By the end of this gallery, tell me how you prefer your model's face...

Starting with our pouty Man of the Week.

Now when Travis Davenport smiles, isn't it the most infectious thing?

David Entinghe. One of the best smilers in the world!

Chris Leabu. Outstanding!

Brandon MacKay.

Smiling picture of Philip Fusco. Pretty much non-existent.
Amusing video of him loving his muscles, however, is easier to find.

And the award for the single best smiling shot ever goes to Arthur Napiontek! Too too too cute!


Anonymous said...

Gotta agree much. Don't understand the poutty bit anyway. Why go to all the fuss to look great then take a photo that makes you look constipated? Who would buy the product if it does THAT to the model? Sexy sells stuff, and what's more sexy than a happy smiling model?

RedCedar said...

Smiling picture of Philip Fusco. Pretty much non-existent.

THANK YOU!! I think he's strikingly beautiful. I also think his posted pictures run the emotional gamut from A to B, and that drives me freakin' nuts (not in a good way)!

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borg_queen said...

Ah, so that's Arthur, The Cleaning Hunk. Now I finally know his name. What a smile, indeed. To die for.

BTW, here are some Philip smiling pics: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_NdgIfyJMNzI/ShdTi-s43_I/AAAAAAAAB6w/VrOQoc5HKOM/s1600-h/_GRS2166.jpg


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