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Saturday, October 24, 2009

MAXnificent Collage

Those who want large images will be seriously disappointed by this post!


Leg-fan said...

Wow! Look at those legs! Perfect shape!

Anonymous said...

Seriously... from which catalogue can I order this make & model? In fact, give me two.

Eric said...

Honestly leg-fan, if you keep at it, we're going to have to conduct a DNA test ^_^

But yes, I agree, great legs.

And great smile as well :)

Ian Manchester U.K. said...

"Those who want large images will be seriously disappointed by this post!"

Yes I am disappointed because I like big images, but they are all very scrummy shots and mitigate my disappointment. I bet this collage regrouped into landscape format would make nice wallpaper! There’s an idea for you Kenneth. Nod to Eric. I recently emailed you but have not received a reply! A simple acknowledgement will be nice. You nod to the British spellings I use but not British politeness and that is a shame. Kind regards as ever Kenneth.

Gwen Shytle said...

You are definitely hot enough for someone to steal your pictures and put them on a site called Bangme.net. I am currently having a catfish moment with someone pretending to be you, but calls himself Justin Fine. I just thought you should know. :)