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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Man of the Day: Arthur Napiontek

I can proudly say that Definition of a Man features a lot of hot guys, but it's a big stretch to boast the claim that it features a wide spectrum of male beauty. If you follow my blog, you can pretty much deduce the (narrow, limited) types of guys I like. So why don't I stop beating around the bush and tell you how I really feel.

Think of me how you wish but the truth is I do not like redheads. *waits for readers to gasp in shock, burst in a fit of rage, and gradually simmer down* I love my handsome brown and dark-haired men, as well as those bodilicious blonds, but as the archives are available for your inspection, redheads are a shortage in my blog.

Of course, in life there are always exception. And Arthur Napiontek is an exceptional exception!

Arthur is a model (well, duh) as well as an actor. His most recent notable role was in Pineapple Express, and he's also in the fifth of David DeCoteau's The Brotherhood franchise.

Arthur is far from shy about displaying his unbelievable body in public. Thank God for that!

Here's one of the best Abercrombie & Fitch set of photos I've ever seen! So simple, yet so hot!
Having worked with so many of photography's greatest, including Ronald Tan, Arthur definitely know hows to play to the camera!

Scott Hoover even commented that "he knew his face and body extremely well so it made my job a dream."

That's a great list of reasons to love Arthur. But I got one more thing to add...
Arthur says he's never seen a smile that wasn't beautiful. Well, I got something to tell you Arthur...you have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen!


RedCedar said...

You bad! ;)

(He has a nice voice, too!)

David said...

You can't tell he's a red head in the BWs -- lol. A great smile plus +++++++

Anonymous said...

Chocolate cake every two weeks, sounds desirable...