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Friday, October 9, 2009

Hooded Hunks

What can I say about hoodies?
Fashionable - not really. Practical - definitely.
Hoodie with cut-off sleeves - counter productive.
Hot guy wearing hoodie with cut-off sleeves - hell yeah!
Please enjoy the variety of hooded men.

Travis Davenport.


Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

Hot collection of photos. And this Travis Davenport of yours gets better looking with each picture.

But why do you call Kevin Gould "Kevin G"? His last name is pretty well known by now.

butch said...

i'm sure one of them is my husband.

David said...

The Calvin Klein white hoddie guy is a sizzler! WOW!

Ian Manchester U.K. said...

Here in the U.K. boys wearing hoods have not got a good reputation. They are often lower working class males from the sink estates, - your equivalent of low rent trailer trash, - and are known as Hoodies or Chavs. We also have an acronym for them N.E.D.s.....Non Educated Delinquents. David Cameron who will probably be our next Prime Minister once made headlines in a speech he made where he told the nation to ''hug a hoodie'. The nation smirked at this because if you did you would get robbed, knifed, badly beaton or verbally and homophobically abused. Indeed, the fascionistas tell us if middle or upper class people are to wear a hoodie then we should do so with the hood firmly down. This is as much a political statement as a cultural statement.

I guess Kenneth all classes wear hoodies in the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy in the blue-grey hoodie laying against the brick wall is Corey Saucier, the physiques look alike.

David said...

All guys wear hoodies in Canada. It has no cultural connotation.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Mike, I've strategically planned the posts so that Travis did indeed look more impressive everyday. Thanks for noticing that. And there are certain models who have problems with their pictures proliferating about cyberspace, thus, I'm hoping they don't find anything connected to this blog when they google their names.

Thanks, anonymous, I do believe you're right about the tip!

In the US, hoodies are just practical. There are some association with hoodies and gangs. And because it's not the most fashionable attire, some upper class people wouldn't be caught dead wearing it. But the biggest divide is really in age. It's all the rage for teens and young adults, and much less common among older adults.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the white hoodie - first pic, last row - is Andres Gutierrez

borg_queen said...

I remember about 1990 t-shirts with hoodies became fashionable in our tropical country. lol

Anonymous said...

Adam Winter is endowed with one of the finest and largest sets of man nipples in the world. His areolas are huge and those erect nipple tips are a total, kinky turn on. Do you suppose he is totally aware that he has enormous tits?

Anonymous said...

Another hunk identified

Kikinou said...

It's Daniel Brophy

Chris McCoy said...

- Unknown Hoodie in Red is indeed Daniel Brophy.
- Unknown Hoodie #2 in White is Andres Gutierrez.
- Unknown Hoodie #3 in White is Nick Manzoni.
- Unknown Hoodie #7 in Green is Keith NYC (he asks for his last name to be withheld)
- Unknown Hoodie #8 in White is Steven Benedict.
- Unknown Hoodie #9 in Grey is Brian Schelter.