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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dirty. Sexy. Churchill.

Michael Churchill can wear dirt and make it look sexy!

These shots by talented Thomas Synnamon were obviously taken before he went overboard with all the tattoos (incomprehensible destruction to an otherwise beautiful body, if you ask me).

Oops, Michael doesn't seem too pleased about that tattoo comment.

Sorry Mike, how about I water you down! And make it up to you in bed?


Duba said...

can't believe i'm the first one to give a comment one of the favorites ;)
love the set, hope to use it :)

Anonymous said...

KJ, if you don't get in bed with him soon, I'm gonna have to jump the lineup and leave you for seconds. He's getting his finger ready and I love what he's gonna do with it. :) I'm going to give the best shower he's ever had.