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Monday, October 12, 2009

Cosmo Bachelors 2009

Once a year around November, Cosmopolitan Magazine comes out with their ever popular Bachelors series. And women everywhere flock to the stands to fetch a copy and hopefully find the love of their life among the 51 men. Meanwhile, a certain blogger scans these spreads with his crappy scanner in hopes to wow his blog viewers.

*As this post took a lot of my resources (money and time), I'd love it if you could credit this blog upon usage. Thanks*

Of course shirtless guys have the advantage over clothed guys, so I'm making two separate lists...

Shirtless Hunk
1) Mr. Ohio! Cuz, well. Hello! He's freaking outstanding!
2) Mr. Florida, that is one stunning shot!
3) Mr. Oregon, he's too too cute!
4) Mr. South Carolina, what a gorgeous smile!
5) Mr. Colorado, what a chest!

Clothed Hunk
1) Mr. Arkansas (Too bad he's not shirtless!)
2) Mr. Delaware, what a face!
3) Mr. Louisiana looking hot in pink!
4) Mr. Kansas, cuz I have home pride!
5) Either Maryland, West Virginia, or Minnesota.

So...who's your top 5?


Eric said...
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Eric said...

Georgia, Minnesota, Idaho, Lousiana and Oregon... Those guys should all have a photoshoot of their own.

It's funny with Mr. Oregon... apparently it's his roomate's girlfriend who nominated him? Is there something his roomate should know? ;-)

Mr. Ohio is just beautiful btw... I can say without a doubt I never had a teacher that hot at any moment in time during elementary school. Unfortunate :-(

But great post nonetheless ^_^

(*proceeds to upload Mr. Ohio in Iphone*)

David said...

Too bad they are all looking for girls -- lol. Where are the eligible men looking for men? They are a handsome group of American fellows.

Anonymous said...


Krytoh said...

Wow, how would it be to have my stomache pushing in the opposite direction!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ohio's job makes him even more sexy.
I mean that in a responsibility-and maturity-is-sexy kind of way of course, not in a child molesting way !

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ohio is the overall winner. But I think each guy should be shirtless, it's unfair!

And thank you for your time and effort. Much appreciated.