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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Body of a Man: Front and Back, yet again

Often, people are put in situations where they must choose between two seemingly opposing ideas. Either be rich in terms of money and wealth, or be rich in the sense of having wonderful friends and family. Either believe in evolution, or intelligent design. Either be popular in school, or be extremely smart. Facing dichotomous pairings like these, people often forget that 'and' is sometimes an option.

So, instead of choosing between a man's spectacular front side or his magnificent backside...we can enjoy him fully, 360 degrees of manly perfection.

Our Man of the Week will kick things off.

Finally, the backside of our Man of the Week!


David said...

Your collection of gorgeous guys get me feeling ____________ this morning.

Duba said...

Love the front back tags!

Anonymous said...

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