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Friday, October 30, 2009

Bald has never looked better!

Bald ain't a bad thing no more!

Be Bold, Go Bald! But remember, once you go Bald, you can't go back!
This John Bald is hot; this bald John is not.

Alright, enough with the horrible puns! John Bald is one freakin' sexy gorgeous hunk! An all-around country stud who ain't afraid to get a little dirty doing the tough and manly outdoor activities he loves. Alright, so I have no personal info on this guy, but even if he's really a city-boy, are you gonna love him any less? Didn't think so!


David said...

John is great -- hmmmm maybe I would really like to see him bald? :-)

Duba said...

wow dirty! love it!!!!