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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Abercrombie & Zagorski

Whenever I feature a Man of the Week...I usually plan to make each day increasingly more impressive and more shirtless than the last. It's my way of stringing the viewers along for the journey. But sometimes like a kid in the candy store, when a new flavor comes out for my favorite treat, I just gotta have it right away...even if that means spoiling my balanced meal.

And Maxwell is that kind of treat, so I'm pushing back what I had originally planned to post something that, in other circumstances, would've been saved for later...

No worries, though, Maxwell is a treat that I love to share!

Maxwell with a guy (nice break from yesterday's post!)

Major thanks to Abercrombie Modelnize for making me aware of this!


Anonymous said...

good timing, i will just take that as my birthday present then thanks!

David said...

Maxwell and his friend are gorgeous! Is that Point Pelee in Ontario, Canada?

chaz said...

He is SO SEXY he makes my teeth sweat.