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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shun, Shag, or Marry?

Bored much? Well, if you are, Cosmo's got the a great time waster...

Download the blank forms. Part 1, and Part 2. Fill it out, and send it to me!

You take the time to do it, I'll take the time to upload them!


Charles's Opinions. Part 1. Part 2.


Jimmy said...

Ooohhh this looks fun! And I love your comments. It explains your reasoning.

Cam said...

Just pointing out that you're playing it wrong. In each set or "game" of 3 people, you are only meant to choose to shun one of them, shag one of them and marry the other one, making it more difficult in decidng who you pick, which is the whole fun of the game :)

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

lol, in that case

shun pattinson. shag jenner cuz he's effing hot. marry pine.

shun black. shag spade. marry crawford.

shun kutcher. shag clooney. marry pitt.

shun ifans. shag cera. marry dempsey.

shun legend. shag rhys-meyer. marry mayer.

SHUN DOUBLE NO-NO West. shag grenier. marry gosling.

shun obama. shag smith. mary lebeouf.

shun westwick. shag all-night-and-all-day long with levine. marry reynolds.

Kc said...

Oops! My bad. LOL!

Here it goes:

Shag Pattinson, marry Pine, shun Jenner.
Shag Spade, marry Black, shun Crawford.
Shag Pitt, marry Kutcher, shun Clooney.
Shag Ifans, shun Cera, marry Dempsey.
Shag Legend, marry Mayer, shun Rhys meyer.
Marry Grenier, shun West, shag Gosling.
Marry Smith, shag LaBeouf, shun Obama.
Shun Westwick, shag Levine, marry Reynolds.